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Kerry is so much fun! so much knowledge to share!Kerry Heisler has been a music educator for the past nine years. In part of this role, Kerry works with a high school choir of 45 members, boasting 11 young men from a school population of 520. In her choirs since 1998, Kerry has had no less than 8 young men, including hockey, basketball and football team members. Kerry Heisler has been the music director for The Wizard of Oz, Godspell, Babes in Toyland, Village Idiots and The Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever. Previously, Kerry studied Italian vocal technique with Janet Nichol, a student of Richard Miller. Her technical background is excellent. Kerry has studied music at Grant MacEwan Community College as well as the University of Alberta. Kerry has worked primarily with youth, young adult and adult choir members.

Kerry can prepare a one day workshop or a whole weekend. Contact Kerry at 403-746-5276 to discuss your choral goals.

Here are some comments on previous workshops presented by Kerry.

"I am grateful that you are easy to work with and you are indeed a
professional ... I know that I can count on you to bring knowledge to the
attendees in a way that they can understand. That kind of teaching is a
gift YOU have, that many other talented people unfortunately don't!
Absolutely super! And, I (and others) are very pleased to be learning in an
environment of comfort and humour - good job Kerry!"
Lorna Berube - Coordinator - Central Alberta Presbyterian Choir Workshop &
Director, Knox Presbyterian Choir

Kerry Heisler is a most talented individual in the field of music-a talent
that she uses with joy, enthusiasm, love, compassion and understanding and
this enables her to bring together in her choir work, people whose voices
range from "magnificient" to "average" and with those voices present the
sounds that truly inspire her audiences. One should note that one of her
greatest talents is the sheer joy and fun that Kerry brings to her
directing; her choirs truly enjoy the privelege of her leadership. Kerry
makes singing a delightful experience! We just love her!"
Harla Yoos - member of Community Mass Choir

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