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Strictly Warm-Ups Volume 1

Strictly Warm-Ups Volume 1

Choral warm-ups in 8 minutes provided for you on CD with accompanying book. There are 5 different warm-up sets that include a physical warm-up, breath awareness, breathing exercise and vocalizing.

The final set provides background piano accompaniment, so you can create your own warm-ups. The book outlines the goal is for each warm-up, so it is user friendly even to those with limited experience.

Click to listen to a sample:

$19.95 CDN     Order now.


Solfege Mini Poster

Hand signs on the front, all twelve keys on the back. Hole punched for binder or duotang.

Please note there is a minimum order of 10 mini-posters.

$1.00 CDN per poster    Order now.

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Sightsinging Adventures

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Strictly Warm-ups Volume 2

Strictly Warm-ups Volume II
coming soon.



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